Superior Advantages

Superior Equipment

We are always on the lookout for new and awesome equipment that we can use to get your job done. From our high speed folders and stitchers, to our cutting-edge in-line diescoring and folding, we’ve got the equipment to make it happen!

Superior Technology

From data processing to in-line automation we firmly believe that investing in advanced technologies is crucial to our success. We’ve partnered with industry leaders to ensure that we’ve got the technology we need to take on the challenges of today, tomorrow and beyond.

Superior People

Having the latest and greatest gizmos is fun, but without the right people it’s pointless. Our team of highly skilled operators are passionate about what we do, and about the success of our clients.

Superior Services


We’ve got all the standard finishing needs covered including cutting, folding (including maps and other speciality folds), stitching, gluing, tipping, diecutting and handwork. As well we can also drill, shrink-wrap, round-corner, pad, and kit your project! Our team of skilled professionals have seen just about everything – give us a call to see how we can help.


We are certified as a Canada Post Direct Marketing Specialist. We’ve got you covered when it comes to data processing, ink jetting, envelope insertion, mail preparation, in-line clip sealing, and mailing. Let us help you get your message out to the masses with mail.

Distribution & More

Once your project is finished we can help you get it where it needs to be. Local, provincial, national or international. A few locations or hundreds. Whatever you need we can help.

Superior Results

  • Die creasing without a die – we can do it!

    Die creasing without a die – we can do it!

    We have a new machine that has just hit our floor this morning. It will give us the efficiency of skipping the die cutting/creasing machinery and go straight into this machine, getting product to market much much sooner. Also, set-up is all computerized so it can be running within minutes
  • Coast-to-coast Rush Mailing

    Coast-to-coast Rush Mailing

    Last week we a great client of ours presented us with an odd challenge. He had nearly 5000 pieces that needed to be labeled, addressed, prepped, packed and delivered to Canada Post for mailing
  • Exceeding the Limits

    Exceeding the Limits

    One Friday morning we received a desperate plea from a good customer. He had an order for 100,000 U-glue, perf and fold job sitting on the floor of one of our competitors who defaulted on their commitment to meet a critical delivery date for a product launch on Monday