Die creasing without a die – we can do it!

The Cordoba range follows the rule of using a matrix system to crease substrates prior to folding. Heavy boards or plastics, or laminations in addition to cross grain or digitally printed works can now be creased without a die-cutting machine. The Cordoba incorporates a traditional folding section with a knife and matrix creasing unit. The folder […]

Coast-to-coast Rush Mailing

Last week a great client of ours presented us with an odd challenge. He had nearly 5000 oversized pieces that needed to be labeled, addressed, prepped, packed and delivered to Canada Post for mailing. Usually this client calls us with more traditional bindery projects – trimming, folding, stitching, etc. This project simply needed our Canada […]

Exceeding the Limits

One Friday morning we received a desperate plea from a good customer.  He had an order for 100,000 U-glue, perf and fold job sitting on the floor of one of our competitors who defaulted on their commitment to meet a critical delivery date for a product launch on Monday. Despite knowing that the flat size […]

One Stop Shop

Recently we were approached by a customer to do a large volume job where they were planning to produce this at various facilities; each providing a different service.  First it would go out for die scoring, then come to us for folding and clip sealing and finally to a mailing house for ink jetting, mail […]

14,000,000 Folders In 8 Days!

We were recently challenged with producing 14,000,000 folders within an 8 day period.  The delivery date was critical for our customer and they didn’t trust anyone but Superior to pull it off. Producing over 1,800,000 folders per day, our committed staff worked around the clock and throughout the weekend in order to produce this on […]